No they weren’t

Five bodies found in Birmingham apartment | | The Tuscaloosa News | Tuscaloosa, AL

Look, Birmingham has enough problems without the T-News piling five bodies on it. This crime took place in Shelby County, and that’s where the bodies were found. And this isn’t a case of the T-News picking up a wire service headline along with the story. The AP headline has “Alabama apartment”. Nor is this just “some online intern” as I’ve seen T-News personnel use as a defense in the past. The headline appears on the front page of the dead-tree edition.

The newspeople here in Tuscaloosa, just to slime Birmingham, put “Birmingham” in the headline rather than “Inverness” as in the lede. If things that happened in Shelby County are “Birmingham”, then you might as well include Tuscaloosa County as well — both border Jefferson and both are part of the Birmingham media market.


One response to “No they weren’t

  1. Although you’re right and the apartment complex isn’t located in Birmingham, I can understand how/why they’d call it “Birmingham”.

    I live in the Brook Highland subdivision, just a few miles south on 280, and most of the Brook Highland shopping area is actually in the City of Birmingham. Birmingham has a little tentacle that wraps into Shelby County, it looks like they annexed shopping complexes. The Cahaba Lakes Apartments sit in the center of this area.

    Also, all of the mailing addresses have ‘Birmingham’ as the city – even a lot of Hoover has Birmingham mailing addresses according to the Post Office.

    Finally, “Inverness” isn’t really that accurate since there isn’t a city/town/whatever named Inverness, the area is actually part of Hoover. The Home Depot is in Hoover, but the apartments are in an unincorporated part of Shelby County.

    Both the City of Birmingham and Shelby County have interactive maps on their websites and it’s interesting (at least for me, since I moved here 8 months ago) to see the large amount of Shelby County that has been developed but isn’t incorporated. Even in the far outskirts of the Chicago suburbs (40 or 50 miles from the city), there is very little unincorporated area.

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