John McCain has Many houses

You see, in primitive cultures, there is no numeral higher than three. They just count, “One, Two, Three, Many”. As you know, John McCain is really, really, terribly old. When he was born, these were the only numbers available for him to learn. So he knows he has “Many” houses, but it’s difficult for him to grasp the exact number.


3 responses to “John McCain has Many houses

  1. I’m shrieking with laughter.

    Although at first I thought you were referencing John 14:2.

  2. Alternatively, he’s so conservative that he’s actually Mesolithic, and thinks that numbers higher than three are for “pointy-headed liberals”. (His spokesman really did call Obama a pointy-headed arugula-eating professor type. Republicans are weird.)

  3. e. nonee moose

    Obama has eaten Many arugula salads.

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