And yet, I don’t care

Northport turnout steady despite wet conditions | | The Tuscaloosa News | Tuscaloosa, AL

I live in Northport but have no intention of voting. I don’t know what the issues are and frankly all I know is that my water rates will go up, because they always go up. You would think we had Evian on tap. Anyway, this race was mildly interesting because every day, including the last several of rain, I got to drive past the actual mayor of Northport standing around and waving to passing cars. That’s just the kind of thing you don’t get in a big city.

One response to “And yet, I don’t care

  1. The pols do the street-corner sign-waving out here in aloha attire. Lots of signs everywhere; it’s a tossup which business you should be in during election years: printing or TV station-owning.

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