Debbie Downer

Melanie Bouyer wins Lipscomb mayor’s race, ousting Mayor Deborah Miller – Breaking News from The Birmingham News –

Bouyer was the lady who Riley appointed to the Lipscomb city council, but who had to resign because she didn’t live in the district. She won election pretty handily. It remains to be seen how long before she’s arrested.

3 responses to “Debbie Downer

  1. lipscomb bohemian

    i doubt very seriously that she will be arrested

  2. She’s the Mayor of Lipscomb, or will be — OF COURSE she’s going to be arrested!

  3. oh.. she will be arrested! Of course it will be a matter of time. She will be just like all the others in the past. So all her “fake” accreditation will come to the light. Heres to a brighter and happier future for Lipscomb Residents, once Ms. Bouyer is OUSTED as Mayor. But I must commend everyone on all the illegal votes she recieved. Way to go to Beth Chapman as well, for allowing such a small city to get away with Voter Fraud.

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