Daily Archives: August 28, 2008

He is so good at this

Daily Kos: Text of Obama’s Acceptance Speech

In other words…

Bimingham Mayor Larry Langford meets with transit board, calls for end of blame game – al.com

“Just accept that it’s all your fault and do what I tell you to!”

He doesn’t deny it

Gay pride advocacy group sues Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford, claiming faith-based bias – al.com

I don’t know that they really have any sort of case — where’s the damage? — but Langford isn’t denying faith-based bias. At all:

“The bottom line is I don’t condone the lifestyle and what they were asking me to do in my official capacity as mayor was to issue a proclamation which in essence endorsed the gay lifestyle,” Langford said. “If I had issued such a proclamation, I would in essence be saying that God’s position is wrong and I wouldn’t dare take a position against God. So as opposed to suing me, they need to be suing God, and the last time I checked, he can defend himself. End of story.”

That is so insane and megalomaniacal that it reminds me of nothing so much as Roy Moore. Who has got to get involved in his role as defender of faith-based bias. A St. Roy/Crazy Larry teamup would make my year.