We are all white trash now

New Palin details may help, not hurt – Charles Mahtesian – Politico.com

So far — and it is hard to tell what the future may hold for Palin’s unexpected national candidacy — the travails of the Palin family probably seem awfully familiar to many average Americans. It is this averageness that makes her such a politically promising running mate for John McCain — and such a dangerous opponent for Democrats. Many voters will find it easy to identify with her family’s struggles — a significant advantage in an election where the voting calculus is so unusually and intensely personal.

Words fail me.


3 responses to “We are all white trash now

  1. That’s what I look for in a leader. I don’t want to see anybody up there who’s one bit superior to me and the rest of my family, in character, intellectual ability, or anything else. Give me the average Joe (or Jane) for president every time!

  2. Old Prosecutor

    The Demos better me very careful about this. Jumping on her for these types of things will turn more voters for her than aginst her

  3. I agree, OP. Picking on her teen who “made a mistake” looks really bad, and it’s difficult to tread the line between criticizing her anti-choice, abstinence-only policies and criticizing her pregnant kid.

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