Lipscomb, I apologize

Centreville mayor arrested for alleged threat | | The Tuscaloosa News | Tuscaloosa, AL

Your politics can’t possibly be more crazy-ass than Centreville’s. The mayor has been arrested for threatening to burn a cross on the yard of a city councilwoman. Both the mayor and the councilwoman are white, but the councilor charged the mayor with racially motivated firings. Hence the threat. Now, the money quote:

‘He said ‘I know you were the one who said the firings were racial,’ ‘ Renn-Pierce said. ‘I said ‘Yes, I haven’t made a secret of that. You always talk about how you have to get to your Klan meeting, and you constantly refer to blacks using the ‘N’ word.’ ‘

He said ‘Have you ever heard me use the ‘N’ word?’ I have heard him say that for the two years I’ve been on the council so I said yes. He said ‘Well, maybe you need a cross burned in your yard.’ ”



One response to “Lipscomb, I apologize

  1. e. nonee moose

    It’s still 1950 in certain parts of Alabama…

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