Daily Archives: September 8, 2008

Yes, they’re that desperate

Jewish? Moving to Dothan, Ala., can net you $50,000 | ajc.com

I wouldn’t exactly call Dothan a “small town” — the city population is about 65,000 — but in common with much of the South outside the major cities, its Jewish population has declined over the years. (There used to be a lot of Jews all over the South, especially in Mississippi, but they’re now pretty much confined to Atlanta, Birmingham, etc.) So, the remnant population is offering bonuses to Jews to move to Dothan and stay there.

It’s actually a pretty nice place, close to the beach (I would go to the beach a lot more if it didn’t take so long) and has an impeccably Biblical name.

Domes! Streetcars! Paved streets!

Mayor Langford pitches funding for downtown improvements, dome work – al.com

The streets are actually already paved.

BMLL wants to spend a bunch of dome money now to pay for downtown “improvements” and pay for the dome when it’s done. I’m not sure how this is supposed to work. If it was anyone else, I’d figure they knew more than I do.