Birmingham Mayor Langford says downtown needs fountains, plaza –

BMLL has grown obsessed with fountains:

“Boston has one. Even Montgomery has a plaza, a fountain where people can say, `I’ll meet you at the plaza,'” Langford said, sitting in front of his computer looking at pictures of fountains in other cities and asking his staff to bring him more.

Even Montgomery has a fountain downtown! Birmingham needs fountains to become a world-class city! More fountains! More water! Turn Vulcan into the world’s largest fountain!



8 responses to “MORE FOUNTAINS!

  1. An old school Freudian would not doubt be able to explain the fixation many public officials have for displays of splashing water.

  2. That’s so funny, because Sam Jones, Mobile’s mayor, also wants a fountain, or more precisely a Mardi Gras water park (splashing gizmos, not giant rapid slides) at the site of the demolished county courthouse downtown. It even looked like it might actually happen. But now that they’ve got Riley’s Republican appointee back on the Mobile county commission, they’re trying to block poor Sam’s park again.

  3. Gosh, at least the Jeffco appointee will sit on the sidelines rather than go against his putative constituents’ wishes.

  4. Maybe this explains it.

  5. Even Montgomery has a plaza, a fountain where people can say, `I’ll meet you at the plaza,’”

    I’m from Montgomery… Nobody here says “I’ll meet you at the plaza.” NOBODY.

  6. uhh, isn’t there a large fountain and plaza in between larry’s office building and the court house?

    or does it actually belong to the bums, via adverse possession or something?

  7. Apparently. Linn Park isn’t downtown or something.

    In addition to the FOUNTAINS, Larry’s plan also involves shifting a lot of streets from one way to two-way, even though they aren’t broad enough to be two lanes in each direction, meaning numerous traffic jams.

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