Your Federal government, ladies and gentlemen!

UA fans angry over shuttle service | | The Tuscaloosa News | Tuscaloosa, AL

So, there’s a new law that says that local governments can’t “compete” with private businesses in offering transportation services. What this means is that the city of Tuscaloosa had to shut down its wildly successful Gameday shuttle service to Alabama football games because some guy with a few buses bid on a contract, and now everybody gets worse service that costs more money. The free market rules, right?


3 responses to “Your Federal government, ladies and gentlemen!

  1. To say it costs more money, you’d have to consider the expenses incurred by the private services vs. the expenses incurred by the government service. The ticket price paid by the customer is a deceptive gauge of expense when dealing with government services.

    It still might be cheaper — I don’t know.

  2. The price of the shorter trip more than doubled, I believe — from $3 to $8. And the service is far, far worse.

  3. Right… but what was it’s actual cost? If a govt. service charges $3, that doesn’t mean that’s all it costs to provide the service.

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