Tempers erupt during Mayor Larry Langford’s meeting with City Council on downtown projects –

Updating from the brief article yesterday, BMLL gives Birmingdome and FOUNTAIN details:

Langford wants the city to build fountains in Pratt City, Five Points West, North Birmingham and Roebuck, as well as two downtown.

“Here you can do both on the same dime,” he said. “So once the dome is complete, all the elements needed to make it successful are already put into place.”

Sure thing, Lare. What makes a stadium successful isn’t major professional sports (though in 2030, the Hoover Damned will probably play their first season there before moving to their permanent home off 459) or a top college football program or a major bowl game or anything like that. It’s fountains.

Apparently BMLL’s set-to with Carol Duncan was over the transit system. Larry says that he doesn’t want to “spend any more time beating my head up against the wall trying to fix something that’s been broken over 20 years.” I mean, there are new things to break!


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