Is this even constitutional?

Fed in AIG rescue – $85B loan – Sep. 16, 2008

I mean, We The People just bought one of the largest corporations in the world. At a significant discount, I might add — at least compared to the value of the stock a few days ago.


6 responses to “Is this even constitutional?

  1. Curious, that China and Russia have sold off its state owned businesses (well, on paper anyway) while in the capitalist West, more and more businesses become state controlled/owned.

  2. Is any of this Bill Clinton’s fault or can we safely blame it all on the Bush administration?

  3. It’s more the fault of Phil Gramm and Newt Gingrich than anyone else. This goes back to mid-nineties deregulation efforts by the lizardbrains.

  4. I wondered that same thing – since the dereg took place in the late 90s, will the McCain campaign be blaming “the Democrats”?

  5. C’mon, Del. Of course they’ll blame it on the Democrats. The past eight years never existed, doncha know?

  6. Actually, George Bush is a liberal, haven’t you heard? The Wingers are almost exactly the same as unreconstructed lefties who will tell you that Pure Communism has never been tried, so you can’t say that Communism is a failure. Every time right-wing “government” is tried in this country, it turns into a fiasco. Wingers then say that it’s because the practitioners were insufficiently right-wing.

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