He really isn’t going to give this up

Update: Mayor Larry Langford names Birmingham Olympics committee – Breaking News from The Birmingham News – al.com

Just to reiterate, for those of you coming in late: the mayor of Birmingham is completely and utterly insane and wants to bring the Summer Olympics to town even though there is no way that the Olympics would consider even stringing Birmingham along. But there’s someone named “Clever” on the committee, so it must be a smart idea!


2 responses to “He really isn’t going to give this up

  1. Forget this list: I want to see a list of the people BMLL approached who declined.

    I mean really: Imagine being a well-meaning community activist or a respected member of business community in Birmingham, approached by no less than the mayor himself to participate in this….I dunno “Quixotic enterprise” makes it sound too feasible. Anyway: what if you have a reputation for being a rational human being you’d like to see preserved? How does one gracefully decline?

  2. I would take the position and then work as a fifth column.

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