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I don’t know why I watch the debates, really I don’t. I didn’t watch the first one.

Anyway, you know Michael Kinsley’s saying, “A gaffe is when a politician tells the truth”? Well, I don’t think anything has risen to the “gaffe” level, necessarily. But watching the instant reaction dial, you can tell that in certain instances, John McCain says things that people don’t like. For instance, he keeps bringing up Joe Lieberman, and people hate Lieberman. But McCain really likes Lieberman, and he really thinks that his connection with Lieberman is a reason to vote for him. Similarly, he keeps bringing up things that he has to know are unpopular. So watch the dials — when they go below 50, that’s what McCain values.


3 responses to “Blah blah blah

  1. That debate performance by McCain may have been worse than Dan Quayle’s vs. Bentson.

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  3. From what I saw of the debate my two take aways (did I just use that phrase? sheesh I’ve been working the corporate job too long) where that McCain was using too many of the Bush election strategies for his own good (not necessarily policies, but tone and wording choice and such). And Obama didn’t look nearly as comfortable in the ‘town hall’ setting as he does when either on-stage and speech-ing or one-on-one.

    I’ll post my further political ramblings in the Victory post.

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