Building a multipurpose dome may not pull in conventions, visitors –

Take it back, take it back! No one may speak against the Holy Birmingdome!


One response to “Blasphemer!

  1. If the proposed projects which our erstwhile mayor desires could just be prioritized, perhaps we less cerebral human beings out here in the nether regions could get a mental handle on what should be done, and what should be done first , second, and so forth. I suggest we have a public vote on this list, and not only assign priorities, but decide what items could be done, concurrently without breaking the bank. Of course street paving must come first, and busses must be replaced, but then we get into the neat to have items., like street cars, which would have the effect of atracting conventioneers to the magic city, to help out our business people who are now paying double business taxes to finance the whole shebang! Taylor Barry McK

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