Daily Archives: October 15, 2008

The abnormal heart

Cheney’s abnormal heart rhythm returns – CNN.com

In the waning days of the Cheney Tyranny, we face the disturbing possibility that George W. Bush may soon be running the country.

Way to go, Larry

Conservative organization to help defend Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford in gay pride federal discrimination suit – al.com

You’re getting help from Jerry Falwell U. This is sure to be very popular with your constituents. Liberty University is well known for its enlightened racial attitudes. Seriously, did you try Bob Jones first?

Feds to Jeffco: Drop Dead

U.S. Treasury rejects Jefferson County’s bailout proposal – al.com

Still, there may be a little hope, though it’s not contained in this story. Obama has talked about the Federal government giving aid to financially strapped municipalities, so if the county can hold on for a few months they might yet get a bailout.