If only Gore and Kerry had thought of that

Experts say Obama wins by not losing | TuscaloosaNews.com | The Tuscaloosa News | Tuscaloosa, AL

Not losing: a revolutionary new Democratic strategy.


7 responses to “If only Gore and Kerry had thought of that

  1. Old & Stupid '08!

    Lets hope McCain doesnt win by loosing, like Bush did in 2000…as a Florida resident, I’m just waiting to see how we blow this one….

  2. Last week Obama was a terrorist. This week he is a socialist. Next week what will the Republicans make him, French? I am leaning towards Marshan.

  3. Old & Stupid '08!

    Smitty, they havent called him gay yet, which I assume is comming.

  4. Actually, they have. Well, it was more disgusting than that. They claimed that he was sexually assaulted as a child and this means that he “had a gay affair”.

  5. Old & Stupid '08!

    Nice…right out of the Karl Rove handbook. Have you the rumor about him snorting coke of a gay guys knee in a limo? Heard that peach on a talk radio show this morning.

  6. I saw that guy on You Tube. we make fun of him at work.

    Palin thinks being Vice President means she “Runs the Senate”


  7. Old & Stupid '08!

    She also advocated more “constitutional power” for the VP. Just think, Dick Cheney with a period….

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