Daily Archives: October 21, 2008

I didn’t expect that

India launches unmanned mission to moon – CNN.com

It’s been a long time since anyone even sent an unmanned probe to the moon. I expect that the place hasn’t changed much, but good for the Indians.

And now, the lawlessness begins

Non-sewer debt may jeopardize all services – al.com
Jeffco Commission President Collins tries to revive possibility of U.S. government insuring county sewer debt – al.com

There’s a non-sewer debt payment of $20 million coming up. And, of course, the county doesn’t have $20 million. A default on that could wipe out all sorts of county services, including public safety. But it’s not like public safety is important or something.

So, while Treasury is saying that it won’t help local governments, a congressman in Pennsylvania is threatening action to make it help. However, Artur Davis says he won’t support such a measure, and he’s the Democrat — moreover, the Democrat with close ties to Barack Obama. The local Republican, Spencer Bachus, is more open to such a move.