Daily Archives: October 22, 2008

Fun with subject headings

The Library of Congress’ official subject heading for al-Qaida is “Qaida (Organization)”, because LoC routinely strips out initial articles. Interesting, yes?


Major McCain endorsement!

Talking Points Memo | AP: Al Qaida Web site Endorses McCain

A while back I never would have taken notice of this. But the McCain campaign has convinced me — if you’re running for office, you have to condemn anyone you have ever met or who has said they support you if they do anything wrong. That’s the McCain Standard.

Maybe they’re not totally insane

Council takes no action on pay raises – al.com

I’m withholding judgment for now. At any event, the genius who came up with the idea of more than doubling their compensation now says that it has to go through committee. She just forgot! Still no word from the mayor. I’m guessing that he’s either holding it in reserve or doesn’t want to piss off the council any more than he already has. It has to be killing him to not talk about this.

It’s really quite impressive

Alabama candidates lead nation in weekly count of Supreme Court ad spending – al.com

Think about it. This little state, with only one race on the ballot, accounts for 41 percent of national spending on state high court races.

Nonpartisan judicial elections, please.