Bill Maher is an idiot

Left In Alabama:: Maher Challenges Tuscaloosa

So, of all the cities and towns to choose from in the state of Alabama — nay, the nation — he chooses, as the horribly racist place least likely to vote for Barack Obama, Tuscaloosa, a college town with a 43 percent African-American population. Idiot.


6 responses to “Bill Maher is an idiot

  1. While Cullman would have been a far more realistic choice for Maher….he is far from an idiot.

  2. I really don’t see Alabama going blue… don’t beat up on Bill for making a realistic point.

  3. Alabama won’t, but Tuscaloosa will. I don’t take kindly to being smeared as racist.

  4. shoulda picked hoover.

  5. Wheeler’s right, of course. But think about it. “Tuscaloosa, Alabama” sounds hayseed. He’s a comic; he’s gotta milk funny-sounding names for all they’re worth, whether he knows what the hell he’s talking about or not.

    I’m with Maher 95% of the time, but in this case he is an idiot. Should have done a little research.

  6. At least he didn’t tell the joke about elephant hunting.

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