This is so Larry

Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford outlines plan to complete about two dozen community projects –

The mayor announced that the “Mayor’s Cup Golf Tournament” will be held this Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Roebuck Golf Course. Twenty-eight students from Birmingham high schools – most of whom have never played golf before – will compete. Langford, whose office gave $10,000 for the tournament and sought corporate sponsorships as well, said golf is another avenue for students to earn college scholarships.


3 responses to “This is so Larry

  1. Why do you hate the Mayor so much?

  2. I don’t hate him. I think he’s terribly funny. However, he’s not my mayor. If he was, I’d hate him, because he is awful at his job.

  3. writechicpress

    “Crazy Larry’s House of Wacky Schemes”

    Best tag ever. Langford is hysterical. We run to the tv when it’s the Larry Show. I think he’s well-intentioned, ego-maniacal, and funny. And he’s not my mayor; so, I can afford to appreciate the comedy.

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