Daily Archives: November 19, 2008

You have to be kidding me

It’s North vs. South in Big Three bailout fight – Capitol Hill- msnbc.com

So we’re going to complain about having tax money getting sent up North? Because the basic fact is that for many, many years, the South has been a net drain on the Federal purse. Michigan, on the other hand, has usually been a net loser. And while $25 billion is a whole lot of money, in terms of the United States government, it’s a drop in the bucket. Well, three or four drops.

Richard Shelby, of all people, is going around complaining about this. Shelby complaining about Federal money getting spent is like Ron Jeremy preaching abstinence.

Nice wig, Georgie Boy

Jason Alexander has a criminal mind – Los Angeles Times

Either that, or he’s the lead in The Sir Isaac Newton Story.