Daily Archives: December 2, 2008

He’d still be overpaid

Ford says CEO will work for $1 to get gov’t loans | ajc.com

Let’s get digital

Trinity Medical Center has asked the state for permission to move to a former HealthSouth site along U.S. 280 – al.com

This is, still, the old “digital hospital” that was Richard Scrushy’s dream, now just an ordinary analog hospital. Or its shell. Trinity wants to move from its current location to the site on US 280, but Brookwood Medical will probably try to block it because it’s in Brookwood’s “market”. They’re all a bunch of loving caregivers, really.

You know what they should do?

Birmingham city business will continue despite mayor’s indictment, aide says – al.com

They should ask Lipscomb for advice. I bet the Worst Town Ever has a whole procedure manual for dealing with indicted city officials.