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ABC 33/40 News – Alabama’s News Leader

ABC 33/40 News – Alabama’s News Leader

Apparently, I just got a pingback spam from NBC 13. If it wasn’t them, it was a very odd spamming what with the NBC 13 web address and email and the Media General Inc. IP address. I’m wondering if I should email someone about this.

Nah, I can’t back you up on this one

Birmingham Mayor Langford’s arrest treatment unfair, SCLC chief says – al.com

I’m going to give the Ever-Incompetent Alice Martin the benefit of the doubt and assume she’s telling the truth that the reason Langford was arrested at his office and his codefendants were allowed to surrender themselves was that they didn’t know where the codefendants were. I mean, they know where the mayor’s office is, but I’m not sure what the other guys do for a living. And nobody was more embarrassed than Al LaPierre. If you read the linked story, you can see pictures of LaPierre outside the courthouse showing a very strong resemblance to Bozo the Clown.

It’s an open question as to whether they should have allowed Mayor Langford to surrender himself, but I’m generally against that. If he had been so allowed, that definitely would have constituted special treatment.