Nah, I can’t back you up on this one

Birmingham Mayor Langford’s arrest treatment unfair, SCLC chief says –

I’m going to give the Ever-Incompetent Alice Martin the benefit of the doubt and assume she’s telling the truth that the reason Langford was arrested at his office and his codefendants were allowed to surrender themselves was that they didn’t know where the codefendants were. I mean, they know where the mayor’s office is, but I’m not sure what the other guys do for a living. And nobody was more embarrassed than Al LaPierre. If you read the linked story, you can see pictures of LaPierre outside the courthouse showing a very strong resemblance to Bozo the Clown.

It’s an open question as to whether they should have allowed Mayor Langford to surrender himself, but I’m generally against that. If he had been so allowed, that definitely would have constituted special treatment.


5 responses to “Nah, I can’t back you up on this one

  1. Langford was arrested at his office at Birmingham Budweiser, not at City Hall.

  2. Okay, then. Well, I still don’t know what the other guys do for a living, plus now I don’t know why the mayor has an office at Budweiser.

  3. e. nonee moose

    It’s not like being arrested or ultimately indicted and convicted would actually hurt Larry’s political career. It sure didn’t slow Marion Berry down.

  4. He’s been a community relations director for Birmingham Budweiser since the early 1980s. I’m not sure what exactly he does at that office, or how much time he spends there.

  5. Seems a conflict of interest built into the job of public relations “director” for a beer distributor when you are the mayor of the city that can control who gets a license to sell the stuff??
    Also I would think that the city pays it’s mayor pretty fairly but with Larry’s life style I am surprised he doesn’t have more than 2 jobs. Begging seems to be his #1 job for now. Mostly for his own personal well-being but for everyone else to pay so he can give $10,000 to a 14-year old for a “consulting” contract!!

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