As the Bush regime fades…

Gov. Blagojevich taken into custody – 12/09/08 – Chicago News –

They start arresting Democrats. Now, Blagojevich, from everything I hear, is massively corrupt (and unpopular) and I am not coming to his defense and not putting this post in the “Crooked Republicans” category. But there’s a troubling trend here of outgoing US Attorneys going after Democratic elected officials.

UPDATE: Gosh. If he was really soliciting bribes campaign contributions to fill Obama’s Senate seat, they may have arrested him just in time.

One response to “As the Bush regime fades…

  1. I moved to Birmingham from the Chicago Suburbs a little less then a year ago. People in Alabama should go to Chicago if they want lessons in corruption.

    The main question shouldn’t be why did they arrest him now, the question is what took them so long. Of course, since moving to this area, I was wondering the same thing about Langford.

    Evidently the feds moved now to prevent Blagojevich from making a senate selection. Think of how it would have played out had he announced his selection and then the feds arrested him *and* the new senator. The US Attorney in Chicago may be a republican, but he is fair (he also was the one to put the prior Governor, a republican, in jail).

    Corruption by elected officials *should* be prosecuted (and, if convicted, punishment should be harsh), no matter the political party in or out of power.

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