Update: Auburn taps Chizik as its new football coach – Breaking News from The Birmingham News – al.com



6 responses to “5-19!

  1. writechicpress

    Why do you hate coaches with 5-19 records?

  2. I love ’em when they’re working for Auburn!

  3. AMEN!!!! No Spurrier, No Fisher, ROLL TIDE!!!!

  4. e. nonee moose

    The funny thing is, the Iowa St. folks seem pissed off that he’s leaving. I mean Auburn is really doing them a favor here and they don’t even realize it.

  5. Not all Iowa St. fans, here is what their Rivals site said, “What the (heck) Auburn is thinking is anybody’s guess. And who cares. Because it just unburdened Iowa State of its most unprepared, overmatched and incompetent head coach of the modern era.”

  6. Jeff (no, the other one)

    Auburn went the cheap, quick, and ea$y route. Chizik’s a gamble. Maybe it pays off in a couple years; maybe not. The minute it starts looking like they rolled snake eyes, though, they’ll be right back here again. He gets about 2 seasons to pay off, at best.

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