Respect their authority

Birmingham city councilors demand authority in dome spending, selection –

They’re upset that an out-of-state design firm was chosen (because so many domes have been built in Alabama?) and that no local or minority firms were selected to help. The latter is probably a legitimate point, though my understanding is that local subcontractors are usually chosen later in the process. BMLL is on the BJCC board and thinks that the council is being silly, and that if they’re upset it’s their own fault for not coming to the meetings.


One response to “Respect their authority

  1. writechicpress

    Ya know, I thought it was absurdly paradoxical that they were talking about the “Dome” bringing money into the city at the same time they were talking about their awesome out-of-state design firm. (A local firm would have consulted an experienced dome builder.)

    NOW they’re upset? NOW, this long after the selection. I could hardly give a rat’s a$@ about what happens in Birmingham, and I paid attention.

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