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Larry King, you’ve done it again!

110-year-old ‘living fossil’ becomes a dad –

They have testicles?

Blowfish testicles poison seven in Japanese restaurant | World news |

Well, I guess they’d have to. I actually knew that blowfish ovaries were poisonous, but didn’t know about the testicles, though I guess that follows. Anyway, Japan has a licensing system for fugu chefs, and this guy wasn’t licensed. If you must eat potentially poisonous fish, please be sure to check the chef’s credentials first.

(Thanks to Del.)

There is nothing funny about child abuse

Lipscomb police chief to go on trial in July in Jefferson County for child abuse – Breaking News from The Birmingham News –

There’s lots funny about the Lipscomb city government, though, so I’ll be paying attention to this. I’ve been slacking off the last month or so, I’ll try to do better.

Free at last

So, Bush is gone. Finally. I had a discussion the other day with my father where I suggested that Bush was the least popular person in world history. He said no, Hitler, and for intensity of hatred, I’m sure that’s the case. But when Hitler died, I expect half the world hadn’t heard of him or knew him only tangentially. The world’s population was already centered in eastern Asia, and in China, Indochina, and Indonesia it was the Japanese, not the Germans, who were the enemy. Everyone knows Bush, and basically everyone hates him. (The only places that don’t hate him are in Sub-Saharan Africa, and even there they’re excited more about the new guy, for pretty obvious reasons.) Moreover, the world population is triple or quadruple what it was in 1945, so there are a lot more people to hate Bush.

The suckitude of this can not be measured

Roland Emmerich finds ‘Foundation’ – Entertainment News, Film News, Media – Variety

Roland Emmerich, who is, without a doubt, the worst producer of science-fiction films alive, is going to ruin Isaac Asimov’s Foundation trilogy on the big screen, at least in theory. (These things have a way of not happening.) He is terrible, terrible, terrible. The producer of crap like Independence Day and the American Godzilla and that piece of horrifying tripe that was The Day After Tomorrow will no doubt dumb this down so far as to be not only unrecognizable but actually completely unrelated.

Ram it, clown

George Bush wants TV farewell – Entertainment News, Business News, Media – Variety

Why the networks would let Bozo the Pseudo-President interrupt their programming is beyond me. Well, Fox I get.

Yeah, you wouldn’t want to waste manpower on that

Police recapture handcuffed escapee –

How did he escape? Well, let’s see…

“Preliminary investigation revealed that the suspect was apparently not being watched,” according to the release.

So, I have cancer.

I should be okay. It’s going to be a pain in the ass — well, not the ass, somewhere else — but it appears to be treatable. Posting will be even more haphazard and random than usual for the duration.

Every year

New Year’s shooting causes damage – Breaking News from The Birmingham News –

The answer, as always, is that people are stupid. Did they think that the bullets would just disappear?