This is a bad idea

U.S. Rep. Artur Davis announces bid to be governor of Alabama –

He’ll get the Democratic nomination, but I just don’t see how he can possibly win. Not in this state, not yet.


14 responses to “This is a bad idea

  1. Jebus will return before that happens.

  2. Oh, let’s please be optimistic about this. Maybe the cadre of folksy rich white people will decide to just really hammer down on controlling the state through its business community, utilities and Legislature instead.

  3. i dont see artur davis as guaranteed winning the nomination. maybe if there are four or five serious candidates he’d get a plurality of the vote. but almost certainly he’d be in a runoff, which he would lose.

  4. If Ron Sparks decides to run, he wins. Period. Davis can keep his current House seat as long as he wants, but Mac is right in that Alabama still won’t elect a black man to statewide office. I dare say that even crazy Alan Keyes would lose to any “unnamed white Republican” in a gubernatorial primary here.

  5. Davis would have to home-run the black vote to win a Democratic primary fight against Folsom or Sparks, and give his relationship with the ADS, I don’t see that happening. He will do well, but I think, as of this moment, that Folsom beats him and I don’t know about Sparks. I do think he would definitely be the weaker of the three to run in November.

  6. writechicpress

    I’d rather see him take on one of our U.S. Senators. A girl can dream.

  7. Can’t win unless you play.

  8. e. nonee moose

    Odd to think that Folsom really looks like a contender this year.

  9. I think Davis has a chance. He will lose votes because of his skin tone, but I think you overestimate it. He is more likely to lose votes because of his support for Obama and because, if Folsom runs, he has him beat in name recognition statewide.

    I’m not sold that Sparks is a viable candidate for anything higher than a second-tier statewide office.

  10. Tom in Lazybrook

    Its gonna be hard for Davis to win the election when progressive white Alabamians such as myself sit on my hands.

    I’m not voting for an anti-Gay bigot like Artur Davis who is no different than Roy Moore on issues of equality and fairness.

    Artur Davis thinks it should be legal (as it currently is) for a Bapitst to fire someone simply because he is Gay. Artur Davis believes it should be ILLEGAL for a Gay person to fire someone because they are Baptist.

    Artur Davis supports hate crimes laws, but opposes them for Gays. You see, Artur Davis thinks that a window in a church has more value than a Gay life.

    The Democrats don’t own us. They have to earn our votes. Davis has done everything to earn our opposition. I’m not voting for governor if Davis is the nominee because I won’t care who wins. And I won’t be alone.

    Artur should have fun trying to win this one when many progressives and social liberals sit this one out. We aren’t a majority, but we certainly are a part of most Democratic coalitions. Unfortunately, Davis is apparently in coalition with conservative Republicans on just about every social issue.

    The good news is that he will have to give up his seat to run for Governor. Good riddance!

  11. e. nonee moose

    Artur should have fun trying to win this one when many progressives and social liberals sit this one out.

    I will agree in a larger context. Davis is one of the bluest of the Blue Dog Democrats. He may think that that will swing a few Republican votes over to his side but he’s wrong about that.

  12. Davis is one of the bluest of the Blue Dogs? He actually voted in favor of the stimulus plan and Bright and Griffith voted against it. What does that make them, then?

  13. e. nonee moose

    Davis voted for the bankruptcy bill the credit card companies wanted passed just before the housing market crashed and the economy went straight into the toilet. That he voted for a stimulus package after the fact doesn’t make up for that.

  14. I didn’t realize he voted for the bankruptcy bill. That’s astounding.

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