Oh, come on

Bible put on top shelf in move to appease Muslims – Telegraph

Let me tell you, you mess with the shelving at my library, you’re going to have to answer to me, and I think I’m a lot less forgiving about these things than Allah.

11 responses to “Oh, come on

  1. I’m with you. I’ve been sympathetic through all the stories about head coverings vs. drivers’ licenses, etc. but just now I found myself muttering, “Let them go back to their own countries if they don’t like it.” And this isn’t even happening in the US.

  2. “Let them go back to their own countries if they don’t like it.”


  3. Well, at least it’s closer to God for edits.

  4. I know, I sound awful. But they’re moving books in the library.

  5. On a tangentially related note, yesterday I had to explain to a student that the reason all the abortion books were missing is that people who don’t approve of abortion steal or hide them.

  6. I know, I know. It’s just….wh–(sigh).. What if they’re already in ‘their own country?’ There’s nothing in the article to suggest that the offended parties aren’t native Britons. The rule is absurd, no question, but how about forging a rational compromise (one that doesn’t provoke Mac’s or any deity’s wrath) before reacting like a scared old white man from Andalusia.

    (I love you, Del.)

    “…people who don’t approve of abortion steal or hide them.” We ought to bring back public hangings!

  7. My second grade teacher (in 1964) Mrs. Martin would throw a hissyfit to end all hissyfits if someone put something on top of the Bible on her desk.

  8. I once heard an exhausted cruisegoer waiting to debark say, with great irritation, “No, Daddy won’t let you put the liquor in that suitcase. The Bible’s in there.”

    Well, Susan, I was sorta kidding. Although it’s enlightening to discover my inner scared old white man from Andalusia. But seriously, I’m not sure any kind of compromise is called for here.

    (And I love you, too.)

  9. e. nonee moose

    Did anybody actually click through and read the story?

    Muslims have complained that the Koran is often displayed on the lower shelves, which is deemed offensive as many believe the holy book should be placed above “commonplace things”.

    8<—– Snip! —- 8<

    It said some Muslims in Leicester had moved copies of the Koran to the top shelves of libraries, because they believe it is an insult to display it in a low position.

    The city’s librarians consulted the Federation of Muslim Organisations and were advised that all religious texts should be kept on the top shelf to ensure equality.

    So it’s not that they are pissed off at the Bible and want it out of their sight but rather that the Koran is better than your average book and they are willing to accept the Bible as an equally important religious text.

    Those darn uppity Muslims! How dare they show respect for and accept equality with Christianity!

  10. Yes, I read the story. I took it to mean that Muslims were taking books out of their assigned position on the shelf, Dewey Decimal or whatever, and moving them up to what they considered a more advantageous spot, presumably the tippy-top shelf. Then the Federation suggested that all religious books should be treated likewise, just to keep the peace.

    I have a problem with that because it’s treating both the Bible and the Koran, not to mention any other “holy” books in the collection, as something other than books. If they want to put the Koran in a special place in their homes, just as many Christians do with the Bible, fine. But this is a public library (though not a US one) and there both volumes are just books, with a number on the spine that keeps them in order, according to a carefully designed system.

    And I don’t see anything here to indicate that anybody is upset about hidden Bibles.

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