Monthly Archives: February 2009

Let’s do something!

Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford wants city to quadruple city support for Birmingham Zoo, proposes a 1 million gallon aquarium – Breaking News from The Birmingham News –

This is fine, I suppose. I like the zoo. I like the idea of bringing elephants back to the zoo. I don’t know about the aquarium, though BMLL points out that it would only be half the size of Atlanta’s aquarium. There’s just one little problem. I’ll let city councilwoman Valerie Abbott have the floor:

“Certainly I don’t know anyone who’s not in favor of supporting city amenities, especially the state’s largest tourist attraction,” she said. “But as always we need to know where the money’s coming from. The little voice in my head is saying, ‘Where are we getting all this money?'”

It’s kind of weird, is all.


Candidates line up for chance at Alabama Rep. Artur Davis’ seat in U.S. House of Representatives –

If Shelia Smoot really goes to Washington, that would be great. Not as great as if Larry Langford did, but the Smoot is a good substitute.

This is always fun

Ala. authorities probe third suspicious church fire – Breaking News from The Birmingham News –

The morons who went on the spree a couple of years ago are still in jail, but there’s never any shortage of racist morons.

This is a bad idea

U.S. Rep. Artur Davis announces bid to be governor of Alabama –

He’ll get the Democratic nomination, but I just don’t see how he can possibly win. Not in this state, not yet.

In this case, I have to believe the Kremlin

AFP: Mamma Mia! Putin denies mystery ABBA concert

A former American President — I forget his name — said that he looked into Putin’s soul. And if there’s one thing I know about ABBA, it’s that they never had any soul.

Good for you, Larry!

Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford raised enough in 2008 to pay off campaign debt –

Now, you just have to raise enough to pay your legal bills.