Why not?

Urban horse baffles Birmingham inspectors. – al.com

Why can’t you keep a horse in the city limits? I mean, you shouldn’t be allowed to let it run wild, but if you have a big yard… Loose equines have been a problem before now.


2 responses to “Why not?

  1. e. nonee moose

    I’ve seen cows kept within the city limits of Montgomery for years. In fact it’s usually done for what amounts to tax evasion… if you have cows on the property then it’s a “farm” and is taxed as agricultural land instead of prime development property. Makes it really easy to hold on to the property while it appreciates.

    I hate rich people sometimes…

  2. A guy who ran one of those carriage services (weddings & parties) kept his horse in a little stable behind the house right around the corner from me. This was definitely not a big yard. We thought it was cool, but the immediate neighbors complained about the smell, which apparently was pretty darn bad. They ended up having to move.

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