He’s baaaaaaack!

Former chief justice likely to run for governor | montgomeryadvertiser.com | Montgomery Advertiser

Yes, St. Roy is leaning towards running for governor. Having failed last time to get enough religious fanatics to vote for him, he’s now targeting the black helicopter brigades:

Moore said he hasn’t decided on a theme if he runs, but he said he’s thinking along the lines of: “It’s time to stand up for Alabama. We have serious threats from Washington, D.C. — serious threats on our rights and liberties.”

My guess is that St. Roy’s strategy won’t work in Alabama. In a lot of states, where the GOP is on the wane, the nuts are the core of the party. In Alabama, the GOP is the majority party, at least in statewide elections, and while you have to be pretty hardline you usually have to pretend to be sane.


4 responses to “He’s baaaaaaack!

  1. I wonder if he’s still got that big base of nationwide support? All the folks who sent him money to keep the Ten flying?

  2. e. nonee moose

    I don’t think he does, Del. The sun set rather quickly for Roy once the monument kerfuffle was over.

  3. “Kerfuffle?” I’d say it was more brouhaha.

  4. Oh…this is going to be so fun to watch!

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