Monkeys can only improve Baldwin County

Monkey sighting reported in Foley –

Or is it a monkey?

The caller’s description of the primate did not have enough detail to identify the species, Lowery said. As such, apes were not ruled out. Nor were prosimians.

No, not a prosimian!


5 responses to “Monkeys can only improve Baldwin County

  1. Not to worry, somebody’ll shoot it soon.

  2. e. nonee moose

    It’s probably just the Mobile Leprechaun…

  3. I do wonder how if they’re that unsure about its size they can be sure it’s not a raccoon.

  4. People. It’s obviously Tim James.

  5. e. nonee moose

    Call him by his full name: Tim “My Daddy Is Two-Time Alabama Governor Fob James” James.

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