What great news!

Jackson’s mother awarded guardianship of his children – CNN.com

It’s not like her husband has a history of beating his kids and driving them to long-term mental illness or anything.

2 responses to “What great news!

  1. e. nonee moose

    Not only that, but she’s old. She could die soon and the kids will wind up going through this all over again.

  2. joseph jackson has a history of physically abusing his children as noted by michael and latoya jackson. custody to their grandmother is only wise if joseph is removed from the family home and child welfare becomes involved. if he refuses to leave the family home then guardianship needs to go to another family member where joseph jackson is not permitted to visit. family violence is a major health crisis that exists with much stigma. survivors of family violence often suffer from post traumatic stress disorder, depression and anxiety. furthermore, they also have lots of heath problems. i suspect this is part of michaels health problems.

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