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Yeah, but then what will you do about the fish?

Free fish offered to get rid of mosquitoes –

The Mobile County Health Department will give minnows to anybody who shows up with an empty container. These minnows will be used for bait are supposed to eat mosquito larvae. Then, presumably, they’ll give away cats to eat the minnows, dogs to chase the cats, horses…

Monkeys can only improve Baldwin County

Monkey sighting reported in Foley –

Or is it a monkey?

The caller’s description of the primate did not have enough detail to identify the species, Lowery said. As such, apes were not ruled out. Nor were prosimians.

No, not a prosimian!


Scrushy ordered to pay investors $2.9 billion – U.S. business-

Of course, he doesn’t have $2.9 billion. And rather than completely being wiped out, I’m sure he’ll declare bankruptcy and preserve what he can. But he deserves this. He deserves more, but this will have to do.

That’s always good

U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions lectures Senate on judicial philosophy –

Nothing like being lectured on history by the dumb guy who thinks he’s an expert.

But the lesions add to the flavor!

Fish with lesions being caught around Mobile Bay –

The state is warning not to eat fish with lesions around the throat. I suggest avoiding eating anything with lesions anywhere.

Rick Reilly’s Go Fish – ESPN The Magazine,

Rick Reilly’s Go Fish – ESPN The Magazine

This guy says “Near as I can tell, there are five reasons most of America finds it impossible to be happy for Kobe Bryant…” And then he lists them. Of course, he ignores reason number one, that a whole lot of people think he’s a rapist.

“Actor” endorses “Judge” for “Governor”

Actor Chuck Norris Endorses Judge Roy Moore For Governor – WHNT

The terrible thing is that this might actually move a few votes. I don’t have a whole lot of respect for the Republican primary electorate, if you couldn’t tell.