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Those darned liberals!


Gary Farber on the latest Nixon tape dump and manipulating the Vietnam conflict. Republicans have been running around for over thirty years now claiming that Democrats, or “liberals”, had betrayed South Vietnam. As I’ve written before, the problem is that these people seem to think that just because we could have achieved a tactical victory in Vietnam that we should have, that the tactical victory (which would have held the United States up to worldwide opprobrium — Westmoreland wanted to use nuclear weapons! — and cost far more than it would have gained) would have nonetheless have been worth it. Nothing could have been further from the truth.

At any rate, McNamara and Johnson were fully aware in 1968 that the war was unwinnable by any realistic means; Nixon, of course, was well aware as well when his turn came. He was just trying to put off the inevitable in order to protect himself. And, as it turned out, he was lying even more than was usual for him. Tricky Dick was getting Congress to threaten to cut off funding for the South Vietnamese regime in order to pressure them into a peace deal — while keeping his own hands clean. And then former Nixonites like Cheney and Rumsfeld could go out and claim that the Democrats stabbed South Vietnam and the US Army in the back. Neat trick. See Der Dolchsto├člegende.

Here’s how I think that went

Joyce DeWitt Arrested on Suspicion of DUI at The Insider

COP: Ma’am, would you step out of the car, please.

JOYCE DEWITT: Do you know who I am?!?!?

COP: No, who are you? Are you somebody?

The Birmingdome of Roads

Alabama Department of Transportation sets first public meeting on three plans for proposed Finley bypass – al.com

Birmingham City Councilwoman Maxine Parker said she grew up hearing her granddad and other men in her Collegeville community talking about the Finley bypass.

They’ve been talking about this since 1968! They’ve built something like a hundred miles of interstate in Jefferson County alone since then, and they still haven’t gotten beyond the preliminary planning stages on this. I would guess — I wouldn’t want to call the people who have run Alabama over the years racist or anything — that it has something to do with the community that it would serve.

Yeah, that’s weird

“You know something Whoopi? It would be a blast if Michael asked me to dance”: The Michael Jackson video that time forgot | Music | A.V. Club

I was watching one of the Michael Jackson marathons last weekend, and this video popped up. It disturbed me, because I had no recollection of it, and my recall of mid-to-late eighties music videos is awfully detailed at times. (I have many talents.) So, I guess the reason is that it was never released as a single in the US. Seems a lot of effort to go through just for foreigners.