Daily Archives: July 29, 2009

Take that, Chavez!

Venezuelan national team shows up in Birmingham, but no tournament – Breaking News from The Birmingham News – al.com

So this guy invited the Venezuelan national basketball team to a “tournament” in Birmingham. But there were no other international teams, just a local semipro outfit. (The Venezuelans lost to them. Venezuela is not a basketball power.) The guy says that the other teams couldn’t get visas. Really, none of them? And from what I can tell, nobody around here had heard about the tournament. Certainly, I hadn’t. The Venezuelans wound up having to throw themselves on the mercy of the local Hispanic community just for food and shelter. Amazingly, from what I can tell, Larry Langford is not involved in this. Next stop: Olympics!

So, what’s happening in Lipscomb?

Former Lipscomb police chief sues mayor, council – al.com

Ah, the usual.

Conlin Payne has been indicted for child abuse, but the government says that this is not why he was fired. Why not?