Monthly Archives: July 2009

Because “Tuxedo Court” wasn’t a fancy enough name, I guess

Revamped Tuxedo Court public housing community to become Tuxedo Terrace –


Well, it’s better than Godzilla again

Japanese fishermen brace for giant jellyfish –

I know I’d be praying

Church of the Highlands members to host prayer walks around Leeds, Alabama schools –

A short one. “Jesus, is it hot!”

Yeah, right

United States cricket governing body wants top-flight league in America – ESPN

You can’t get us excited about soccer, and you’re going to try cricket on us? Even the English know that cricket is boring.

I’ll believe that when I see it

The Dome is Coming!

So says a dome-boosting group. I don’t see any news on Found this:

Dome Money Released To BJCC|ABC 33/40 News

But nothing about actually starting construction.

Look out, Jeff!

The Political Carnival: Video- Sen. Coburn Tells Judge Sotomayor She Has “Lots of Splainin’ To Do”

You have a lot of race-baiting to do to catch up with that!

Breaking news!

Graffiti found on Tuscaloosa buildings |

Oh, no! Do you think it could be the work of… juvenile delinquents?!?!?!?