Well, Ford should be safe

After 34 years, Lynette ‘Squeaky’ Fromme to be released – CNN.com

Seeing as how he’s dead and all. Personally, I think releasing assassins, even failed assassins, is a bad idea.

3 responses to “Well, Ford should be safe

  1. How on earth could they allow her out?
    She pointed a gun at the President.
    I guess we are just old fashioned, but i like my killers(almost) in prison.

  2. She had no bullet in the gun. She had no intent to kill. She wanted someone to listen to her. That is not an assassian. That is a young person who had bad judgment. And spent 34 years for that lapse in judgment, for a stupid act that harmed no one.

    While on the other hand murderers Bush and Cheney walk the streets.

    Yea..let her out. Put them in.

  3. You hang around with murders, you carry a gun around and point it at someone, you should be in jail.
    Thank You

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