One of these

Hurricane Felicia strengthens, heads toward Hawaii –

Now, remember, while this is tragic for Hawaii, it doesn’t count. Only Atlantic hurricanes that hit the US mainland count.


4 responses to “One of these

  1. I grew up in New Orleans, but lived in Hawaii for three years when my husband was in the Navy. We’d been there maybe four days when I turned on the TV in the hotel room (no housing yet) and saw the report of a hurricane, with wind speeds that dwarfed Camille and Betsy (until then the benchmarks of destruction for the Gulf Coast) that was headed directly for Hawaii. This was in a little rickety frame hotel over on the windward side of O’ahu, in Ka’a’awa. I remember looking out the window at the vast expanse of ocean which was right there, then at the Filipina maid who was placidly vacuuming the rug, oblivious to the radar images on the TV screen. Then I completely freaked out. I think I rushed down to the office and hollered something at the desk clerk – probably “Oh My God We’re all going to DIE!!” I was told, “Oh, they never come here.” Sure enough, the thing fizzled out the next day – which it looks like Felicia is going to do too.

    However, Iniki hit the year after we moved.

  2. I left that Dr. P comment that is in mod right now – sorry, didn’t look at the login before I hit Submit.

  3. Did you ever read my Hurricane Iniki story?

    Fortunately, it looks like Felicia is just gonna give us a bunch of rain and possibly some flash flooding.

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