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Introducing BMCS

Carole Smitherman becomes Birmingham’s mayor — Updated with official statement | Breaking News from The Birmingham News –

She’s just interim mayor. Eventually there will be a special election to fill out Langford’s term. Those are always fun.

That’s former Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford now

Larry Langford found guilty on all 60 counts — updated | Breaking News from The Birmingham News –

At least now we’ll know where to find him. FBMLL faces 803 years in prison, though I’m sure he can get a couple of centuries knocked off for good behavior. He also has to forfeit the strangely exact sum of $241,843, which he doesn’t have. Apparently, most of this was bribes paid in clothes.

In a related note, nobody knows how old he is.

I love these guys


There’s one of these “King James Believing” Baptist churches near my house. Apparently, the idea is that the KJV — translated, mind you, fifteen centuries or so after the New Testament under the authority of a semi-Catholic monarch — is the unerring Word of God. I don’t think most of the others go to the extremes of saying that the other Bibles should be burned, but given their premises, it’s not too surprising. The ultimate expression of a certain strain of Baptism is one guy holding a flamethrower shaped like a Bible.

Contemporary Christian music really is a tool of the Devil, though.

He’s just that lucky!

Langford lawyer: Bingo suits might affect trial | | The Tuscaloosa News | Tuscaloosa, AL

This story’s delightful — I was incommunicado when it broke or I would have posted on it before. Apparently, BMLL went to Greenetrack and Victoryland to play electronic bingo, and won. Like, a lot. Apparently, employees would take Crazy Larry around and point out the machines he should use, and he’d put his money in and out came his winnings. It’s almost like the games were rigged or something. Anyway, Milton McGregor — that guy again — is getting sued over this.

At about 9:15…

There is a line of dialogue so spectacular that they should get an award for it. I’m thinking the first ever Nobel for insanely wonderful dialogue. It’s really something special.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

French people are stupid

I Guess They Don’t Do Oppo Research In France – Swampland –

I mean, this sort of thing… American political operatives would have been all over this. Any American political operatives at any time. You think that the Federalists didn’t go over Jefferson’s writings with a fine-toothed comb?

Pour épater les Républicains

President Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize | TPMDC

Basically, the Nobel Committees have decided to issue one prize a year simply to annoy the US Republican Party — Gore the Peace Prize in 2007, Krugman the Economics award in 2008, and now this. Needless to say, I approve.