Pour épater les Républicains

President Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize | TPMDC

Basically, the Nobel Committees have decided to issue one prize a year simply to annoy the US Republican Party — Gore the Peace Prize in 2007, Krugman the Economics award in 2008, and now this. Needless to say, I approve.


6 responses to “Pour épater les Républicains

  1. e. nonee moose

    Honestly, I think they gave him this prize so he’ll live up to the expectations associated with it. Can’t very well bomb Iran after you’ve just won the Nobel Peace Prize… and don’t think it wasn’t on the table.

  2. Why can’t he? They gave Kissinger a NPP.

  3. Damn. Why you gotta be such a downer, E? Can’t you just point and laugh at GOP outrage like a civilized person?

  4. e. nonee moose

    It is kinda funny… I troll a bulletin board where a lot of Libertarian types hang out. I posted a poll asking who should have won the Nobel Prize instead. Ron Paul won the poll, obviously… hahahahahahah!!!!!!

  5. Anything that annoys the Republicans is, de jure, a good thing.

  6. Best conspiracy theory EVER!

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