Daily Archives: October 28, 2009

Introducing BMCS

Carole Smitherman becomes Birmingham’s mayor — Updated with official statement | Breaking News from The Birmingham News – al.com.

She’s just interim mayor. Eventually there will be a special election to fill out Langford’s term. Those are always fun.

That’s former Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford now

Larry Langford found guilty on all 60 counts — updated | Breaking News from The Birmingham News – al.com.

At least now we’ll know where to find him. FBMLL faces 803 years in prison, though I’m sure he can get a couple of centuries knocked off for good behavior. He also has to forfeit the strangely exact sum of $241,843, which he doesn’t have. Apparently, most of this was bribes paid in clothes.

In a related note, nobody knows how old he is.

I love these guys


There’s one of these “King James Believing” Baptist churches near my house. Apparently, the idea is that the KJV — translated, mind you, fifteen centuries or so after the New Testament under the authority of a semi-Catholic monarch — is the unerring Word of God. I don’t think most of the others go to the extremes of saying that the other Bibles should be burned, but given their premises, it’s not too surprising. The ultimate expression of a certain strain of Baptism is one guy holding a flamethrower shaped like a Bible.

Contemporary Christian music really is a tool of the Devil, though.