You can’t really replace Crazy Larry

Patrick Cooper, William Bell in runoff for Birmingham mayor | Birmingham Elections –

But his term must be filled. Patrick Cooper, Langford’s main rival for the election two years ago, had 40.1 percent of the vote, meaning that William Bell, who has been running for Mayor for as long as I can remember, has to build on to his 25.1 percent with other anti-Cooper forces. That may be difficult; Carole Smitherman, the interim mayor who finished third with 18.8 percent, was angered by calls made by FBMLL in support of Bell. Usually, endorsements by a known felon hurt your chances, but I guess not always. The other main candidate was Emory Anthony, who’s been running even longer than Bell, with 12.4 percent. The Dead Guy finished last with thirteen votes.


4 responses to “You can’t really replace Crazy Larry

  1. Please God, anyone but William Bell.

  2. Welcome back! We have missed you.

  3. e. nonee moose

    Ditto… good to see you posting again! So what do you know about Cooper?

  4. He’s from Mobile, he’s a lawyer with some money — and because he’s light-skinned Langford’s people keep claiming he’s a white guy.

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