The faculty Senate is lame

University of Alabama faculty senate unhappy class days will be lost for football championship game | Breaking News from The Birmingham News –

The actual faculty members I’ve talked to all seem excited. The thing is that the faculty senate is made up of the tightest sticks in the University and they have no sense of joy.

4 responses to “The faculty Senate is lame

  1. e. nonee moose

    Money > Academics
    Football = Money
    Football > Academics

  2. In all seriousness, (a) three days at the beginning of the semester is nothing, (b) nothing gets done that week anyway, and (c) the University was built on football anyway.

  3. I’m not going to argue that the first few days of a college course are totally indispensable. But, people don’t seem to understand that perception is reality, and this move gives off (more like reeks of) the perception that UA is all about football and everything else is just gravy.

  4. i can see the faculty’s point. i mean, the real national title game was last week. why waste class time to watch the tide play a minor league team?

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