Artur Davis can suck it.

Alabama House delegation unanimous in voting no on health care reform |

This is a disgusting betrayal of his constituents and of the principles he once claimed to hold, not to mention many of his House colleagues who put their jobs on the line to vote for this bill. All in the name of a hopeless chase for the Alabama governorship in which all he’s accomplished is to piss off the Democratic electorate, including me. Not only will Ron Sparks be getting my vote in the gubernatorial primary, if Davis gets the nomination (which I no longer think he will) I’ll be voting Libertarian in the general.

4 responses to “Artur Davis can suck it.

  1. Don’t be fooled – Ron Sparks Opposes President Obama’s Healthcare Bill too! go figure:

  2. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That audio tape is from, I believe, last year when a public option was included. While I support the public option, maybe Sparks doesn’t and maybe that is why he supports HCR now.

  3. e. nonee moose

    I’ll be voting Libertarian in the general.

    GASP! Say it ain’t so, Mac! 😉

  4. I’m still pondering Davis. I strongly suspect that deep down he is a very progressive person constrained by external conservative forces. But of course the question then is, how much of your soul can you sell for power and still be forgiven?

    I guess it boils down to what good would he do for Alabama if elected, and does it outweigh the evil he’s done over the course of his campaign?

    I don’t yet know the answer to the first part of that question, so I can’t yet answer the second part.

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