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15 years

Updated: Langford ordered to begin serving his sentence April 5 |

I don’t know how much time that actually comes out to, but the rule of thumb is usually one actual year = three “sentenced to” years. His lawyer is hoping to keep him out on appeal for awhile.

I love this state

Mayor’s order bans guns at all city facilities | |

Maddox said the order wasn’t related to any recent incident at a city facility, but he said city staff members had received communications from advocacy groups that implied a large number of people might show up at a City Council meeting armed.

But… but… now how will we return fire? All law-abiding people owe it to themselves to go down to City Hall, armed.

He’s just that lucky!

Larry Langford tax returns show 555 jackpots hit playing electronic bingo |

One day, he hit 36 jackpots, worth $96,093. Another time, he hit 19, worth $63,637. Over three years, he won more than $1.5 million. He says he doesn’t remember winning multiple jackpots on any one day. I would think that would stick in your mind.