St. Roy of the Teabags

Trussville Tax Day Tea Party draws about 350 people |

Yes, St. Roy himself addressed the local teabaggers. A real meeting of the minds, there. Whoever the speaker is, the teabag brigade gets to hear rhetoric that is almost, but not quite, calling for the violent overthrow of the elected government of the United States of America, and Roy did not disappoint, breaking out the Thomas Paine and the Patrick Henry and comparing the present environment to the American Revolution. Because, well, he’s an idiot and so are the teabaggers.

4 responses to “St. Roy of the Teabags

  1. LatNam (Granville)

    I swear this people kinda scare me. Of course they’re largely the same group that were telling us for eight years to just respect and support the president no matter what.

  2. The common misconception, supported by media soundbites from the most toothless wonders they can find, is that we’re all Bush sycophants, which isn’t true. At our Tea Parties back in 2007, we held signs that said, “Recovery begins when BUSH loses his job.”

    Admittedly, there are a lot of people who have joined the movement who’ve brought closed-minded ideals to our gatherings. I didn’t go to a tea party rally this year, mainly due to this. But we do have them showing up for our liberty meetups. We had a ‘Patriot’s Day’ meeting on the 19th where a few showed up. Many of them are unaware of the core of liberty, like the writings of Locke, Rousseau et al. Hopefully, we can open their minds to a more liberty-oriented message.

    Also, I feel that the movement is being purposely sabotaged by the likes of the crash-the-tea-party groups who pretend to be a part of the group and do the anti-social antics so popularized, since Obama’s election. They don’t really have any idea what we’re about, nor do they care; they’re basically hired character assassins with no scruples.

  3. Marc Schneider


    So what is the tea party message that you want to send? I assume you have an agenda beyond simply discussing Locke and Rousseau. When I hear people talking about “liberty,” I get suspicious because it seems to be a code word for “no government.” Whether that’s your belief or not, I don’t know. Maybe you are libertarians, which is ok although I don’t agree with that philosophy.

    But the point isn’t whether the tea partiers are Bush supporters or not. What offends me about the lunatic tea partiers (which apparently excludes you) is their anti-Obama demagoguery and their unwillingness to accept that there are people in this country that don’t agree with them. Whether you like it or not, politicians on the right are playing to those people; I don’t expect to see Tom Coburn discussing Locke and Rousseau.

  4. Funny that you’re the first person to mention anything about Tea Parties in 2007 about Bush losing his job. I’d like to know what the Tea Party’s ideas are besides throwing out generic terms all the time like you are playing Mad Libs with the Founding Fathers…”liberty,” “tyranny,” “patriot”…

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